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Adopting a child can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. At the Law Offices of Nick Kulagin, our dedicated family law attorneys can assist individuals in DuPage and Kane Counties with navigating the adoption process. Based in Wheaton, we have 15 years of experience in these matters. Our team is committed to investigating the details of each client’s situation and understanding his or her individual needs.

Navigating the Adoption Process

An adoption is when an individual takes on the legal responsibilities of a child who is not that person’s biological child. An adoption can be voluntary, by consent of the child’s natural parents, or ordered by the court. When an adoption takes place, the natural parent loses all of his or her legal parental rights. Illinois recognizes a wide range of relationships created by adoption.

One of the most common adoption arrangements is stepparent adoption. This is when a stepparent assumes the legal responsibility for a child. In order for a stepparent to successfully adopt, he or she must go through a complex process involving background checks required by state law. A stepparent must also make sure that any objections to the adoption by the biological parents are addressed.

Illinois law also acknowledges co-parent adoption, which is a viable option for same-sex couples. Co-parent adoption is essentially the joint adoption of a child by one person who is already the biological or legal parent of the child and another person who is not. Co-parent adoption creates a permanent and legal relationship with the adoptive parent. It is important to note that adoption does not hinge on the petitioners’ marital status.

Many times, grandparents have to take care of children because the parents are unable to care for them. After caring for a child in a continuous capacity, grandparents can typically petition for adoption. This allows the child’s grandparent to take on the legal and practical responsibility of raising the child.

Individuals may also adopt a child directly from the birth parents through public or private adoption agencies. An adoption can be “open,” allowing the interchange of personal information between birth parents and adoptive parents. In other situations, an adoption can be “closed,” which means the birth parents and adoptive parents remain anonymous to each other.

Many times, individuals wish to adopt a child from a different country. This is possible, but the process can be extremely complicated because there are many legal requirements that must be met. You would have to work with an adoption agency approved by the U.S. State Department, connect with the U.S. consulate in the foreign country to make sure the child is eligible for adoption, and obtain all the necessary approvals from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before completing the process.

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